Bombay Brunch

Authentic Maharashtrian Food in Somerville, MA

We'll be back on weekly menu starting Aug 30th

We are very proud to announce that Bombay Brunch has been invited to serve our vegan/vegetarian products at the ongoing ONCE Somerville Music Festival! We will be busy serving hundreds of music lovers attending multiple music concerts every weekend starting Friday July 23rd until End of Aug. Hence we will not be able to serve our regular weekly menu for next few weeks.

Thank you for your interest and we will soon be back to serve you again!

Feel free to visit us @ ONCE Somerville Music Festival!

About Us

Bombay Bruch (BB) is a take-out food service located in Somerville, MA and proudly serves an authentic Maharashtrian vegetarian food. Currently we offer pickup hubs in Lexington, MA & Somerville, MA and provide limited delivery in Lexington, MA.

Bombay Brunch brings high-quality, delicious Maharashtrian cuisine from our Certified kitchen to your table. We take pride in our eco-friendly food packaging choices and our commitment to using more sustainable disposables.

About Maharashtra and its cuisine - Maharashtra, located in the western part, is the third largest state of India. With Bombay (Mumbai) as Maharashtra's state capital and India's financial capital, its cuisine boasts a fusion of traditional local recipes with other recipes from all over India.

How does BB weekly food service work?

Please follow our easy, shopping cart process to place your online orders.

1.  Weekly Menu Refresh: Monday 10AM.

2.  Online Ordering Window: Monday 10AM to Friday 1PM.

3.  Contactless Pick-up: 

                   Saturday 4:30PM-5:30PM (Lexington)

                   Saturday 1:30PM-2:30PM (Somerville)                   

                   Sunday 11AM-Noon (Somerville)

   Details for Contactless Pick-up locations are available as part of the check out process. 


3 Washington Street, Somerville, MA, 02143