Bombay Brunch

Authentic Maharashtrian Food in Charlestown, MA

!! Welcome to Bombay Brunch !!

We are now accepting delivery orders for Saturday July 20th.

Please visit us again for your next week’s order.

Please check the list of delivery towns in the “How it works” section on our website! Text or Call us on (781) 207-3245 for any party order-related or other questions.

Please follow through our guided shopping-cart experience to place your order.

2024 Farmers Market Schedule:

Tuesdays - Alternating between Lexington Farmers Market & Newton Farmers Market

Lexington - 4-Jun, 11-Jun, 2-Jul, 16-Jul, 30-Jul, 13-Aug, 27-Aug, 8-Oct, 22-Oct
Newton - 11-Jun, 25-Jun, 9-July, 23-July, 6-Aug, 20-Aug, 10-Sep, 24-Sep, 15-Oct

Saturdays - Alternating between Union Sq Farmers Market & Roslindale Farmers Market

Roslindale - 8-Jun, 20-July, 17-Aug, 14-Sep, 5-Oct, 26-Oct, 16-Nov
Union Square - 11-May, 1-Jun, 22-Jun, 13-July, 10-Aug, 7-Sep, 28-Sep, 19-Oct

Sundays - Every Sunday at Needham Farmers Market : Except 4-Aug, 22-Sep, 6-Oct
Sundays - SoWa Farmers Market, Boston : 4-Aug, 22-Sep, 6-Oct

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About Us

Bombay Bruch (BB) is a take-out food service located in Woburn, MA and proudly serves authentic Maharashtrian vegetarian food. Currently, we offer pickup hubs in Lexington Farmers Market (per schedule) and provide regular order deliveries in 10+ towns. 

Bombay Brunch brings high-quality, delicious Maharashtrian cuisine from our Certified kitchen to your table. We take pride in our eco-friendly food packaging choices and our commitment to using more sustainable disposables.

About Maharashtra and its cuisine - Maharashtra, located in the western part, is the third largest state of India. With Bombay (Mumbai) as Maharashtra's state capital and India's financial capital, its cuisine boasts a fusion of traditional local recipes with other recipes from all over India.

How does BB weekly food service work?

We offer FREE DELIVERY across ANY TOWN in Greater Boston for LARGE PARTY ORDERS.

For weekly retail orders, please follow our easy, shopping cart process to place your online orders.

1.  Weekly Menu Refresh: Monday 10AM.

2.  Online Ordering Window: Monday 10AM to Friday 1PM.

3. Delivery Window: Saturday 10AM-Noon.

(This delivery window is for the retail orders only; we fulfill party orders all over the weekend. Please contact us to schedule your party orders).

4. Delivery Zones:

Zone1: $3 delivery fee for orders below $50; Order above $50 free delivery

Zone2: $5 delivery fee for orders below $50; Order above $50 free delivery

Zone3: $7 delivery fee for orders below $75; Order above $75 free delivery

Zone 1 Towns: Lexington, Burlington, Woburn, Bedford, Winchester, Wilmington, Stoneham 

Zone 2 Towns: Medford, Somerville, Cambridge, Arlington, Belmont, Charlestown, Reading, Billerica, Melrose

Zone 3 Towns: Watertown, Newton, Brookline, Waltham, Brighton

If you live in any town other than the ones listed above (like many of our customers from other Greater Boston Area towns) and would like to make an order, please contact us.

We have served at large events like music concerts, personal events (marriage, engagement, arangetram, birthday, etc), and community gatherings (including dance, music, and theater shows).


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